VPK SW-215

VPK SW-215

Giá: 15.200.000 đ /chiếc

Thông số kỹ thuật:

(Power Rating):1000W

(Power Peak):2000W


(Frequency Response):50Hz-500Hz

(Sensitivity):103dB W/M



Chi tiết sản phẩm

Product Highlights

● Speaker direct radiation and cavity resonance inverter design. 

● According to the speaker characteristics, accurate calculation of the resonant cavity, to ensure that low-frequencydynamics and frequency response is smooth. Box with Russian imports of high-density birch plywood, import wood powder bonding, Corner strengthening process, after technicians carefully crafted, the surface now the most popularwater-based sprinkle spraying. 

● large magnetic circuit, large dynamic design, the vibration plate using British imports UKM cone, cone frame support system for high-strength aluminum alloy to ensure the superiority of the product with the quality and stability. 

● High strength steel mesh, within 12.7 cm thick paste waterproof breathable sponge, which can effectively reduce theodd harmonics, enhanced visual appearance, and can effectively protect the use of security systems unit. 


● touring, theaters, bars, nightclubs, clubs, function rooms and other low frequency extension of the need to providebetter place

Product Testing


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