Giá: 24.200.000 đ /cặp

Thông số kỹ thuật:

(Frequency Response): 60Hz-16KHz

(Power Rating): 350W

(Power Peak): 700W

(Impedance): 8 Ohm

(Sensitivity): 96dB W/M

(Systemtype): 12"*1+1.75"*1

(H*W*D): 39.5*57*36.5cm

(Weight): 22.7KG

Chi tiết sản phẩm

Product Highlights

● large magnetic circuit, large dynamic design, the low-frequency deep, very flexible, UKM oiled parabolic cone,exhibition broadband sound, increasing the damping to minimize nonlinear distortion; treble all use the German production of all-composite diaphragm PN after compression throat and asymmetric horn radiation diffusion, ensuringsmooth frequency response and high frequency extension. 

● high, the bass were imported by the United States BIC unit, to ensure the reliability of high-quality sound and products. 

● crossover design for high standards, Taiwan´s top audio capacitors, high power non-inductive resistor aluminum,large diameter high-purity air-core inductors. 

● all use wooden birch plywood with a mix of eucalyptus, imported wood powder, after technicians carefully crafted, the surface now the most popular water-based sprinkle spraying. 

Product Applications 

● upscale nightclubs, exclusive clubs, upscale buffet-style KTV, function rooms and other places of public address andmusic concert use.

Product Testing

cc201411271717386901 cc201411271717597357

                                  PT-12  Frequency response curve                                                                      PT-12  Impedance graph

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