VPK MK-118

VPK MK-118

Giá: 6.000.000 đ /bộ

Thông số kỹ thuật:

■ Working frequency: UHF (740MHZ-830MHZ)

■ Number of channels: 160

■ Frequency Width: A / B channel: 24MHZ

■ Modulation: FM FM

■ Frequency Response: 50HZ - 15KHZ

■ SNR: 95DB cm

■ Size: 1U chassis with international standards

■ Rated power consumption: 5W

■ Working distance: 100 meters without interference barrier

■ Working temperature: 5 ℃ --45 ℃

■ Size: 42cm * 21cm * 4.5cm

2: Handheld Microphone

■ barrel launcher:

■ Oscillation mode: Digital Frequency Synthesizer

■ transmitter frequency stability: less than 30PPM

■ Dynamic range: ≥100DB, A- weighted

■ Frequency range: 50HZ-15KHZ

■ Maximum input sound pressure: 130DB SPL

■ microphone pickup: Dynamic Cardioid

■ Battery: 2 1.5V 5 号 alkaline batteries Current consumption: <100mA

■ Size: 23.7cm * (5.3cm diameter)

Chi tiết sản phẩm

Product Highlights

■ Spacious UHF frequency transmission, the system uses the UHF UHF transmission segment, between 500MHZ-860MHZ frequency can be selected (the actual subjects to determine the frequency of use specified area using UHF band transmission can be a better solution VHF. (160MHZ-260MHZ) band wireless microphone problems exist ´band traffic jam´ and all kinds of interference. 

■ microcomputer CPU control, the entire system is controlled by a microcomputer hardware circuits can be selected frequency, display, transmit frequency data to the microphone and other treatment, the traditional model is not easy to achieve a variety of functions to achieve. 

■ figures show that the use of variable-screen digital display, all control channels can be displayed in the LCD, easy to control the operation of the system. 

■ digital frequency synthesis technology, the system oscillation mode using digital frequency synthesizer, with respect to the quartz-controlled wireless system, has a higher frequency stability, superior frequency selection feature can be implemented in a multi-channel system, the user can according to the prevailing electromagnetic environment, choose a clean, non-interference frequency. 

■ infrared data transmission frequency synchronization settings, adjust the receiver to receive the channel, the channel will be transmitted to the microphone design data with infrared ways to make the microphone and receiver according to transmission frequency synchronization. 

■ Audio lock code, this system has the latest ´audio lock code´ mute control function, you can completely eliminate the switch microphone produce loud sounds, sound environment effectively reduce RF interference.

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