VPK CA-3560

VPK CA-3560

Giá: 12.100.000 đ /cái

Thông số kỹ thuật:

(Rated Power)   2*500W+600W

(Frequency Response)        20Hz~20KHz

(Damping Factor)       >230

(Signal Noise Resistance)    ≥93dB

(Total Harmonic Distortion)      ≤0.03%

(Sensitivity Of Input)       0.77V

(Crosstalk)      70dB

(Conversion Rate)15V/uS


  (Weight): 21.98KG

 CA-3560 :

8 Ohm

4 Ohm

8 Ohm




Chi tiết sản phẩm

Product Highlights

■ High-performance Class H circuit, improve power conversion efficiency, reduce the heat system, thereby reducing the overall power consumption of about 40%. 

■ Smart Bias detection technology, when 15% of the high-frequency signal system (3KHz above) exceeds the magnitude of the rated power of the amplifier output amplitude is automatically reduced to ensure that no clippingamplifier output to protect the tweeter. 

■ Temperature control circuit detects the temperature of the transformer and the power tube, when the temperature rises automatically to increase the rotational speed of the cooling fan, to reduce the operating temperature of the system, reducing the system cooling fan noise when the temperature is low. 

■ low-load protection technology, when the power output load is less than 1.5Ω, start overload protection, output powerwill be less than 10% of rated power. 

■ Design BRIDGE (bridge), PARALLEL (and then), STEREO (stereo) three connection methods to meet the application of various occasions. 

■ Design three input sensitivity selection 0.775V 1V 1.5V.

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